The Trouble with Inventing a Viscount

September 24, 2024

Publisher: Avon Books

ISBN: 9780063352476

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USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret returns with the second book in her Liars’ Club series with a sparkling romance about the spirited middle sister, a dashing rogue, and a very real engagement…except he’s not the viscount he’s pretending to be.

Honoria Hartley enjoys flirting far too much to consider marrying. And besides, she’s been betrothed since birth to the long-lost Viscount Vandemere. But no one has actually ever met the viscount and, without an heir, the title will soon become extinct. So she’s willing to do anything to keep her viscount alive, even if she has to invent him herself.

Oscar Flint is a first-rate gambler. Estranged from his father’s side of the family his entire life, he grew up beneath the tutelage of a legendary con artist. There isn’t anyone who could pull the wool over his eyes. Not until he crosses paths with Honoria. Losing to her puts him in a bind… Until he remembers her story about a lost heir to a viscountcy. An heir that no one has ever met. Not yet, anyway.

When Oscar arrives on Honoria’s doorstep, claiming to be Vandemere, she is thrown for a loop. This rogue is not her viscount. The only problem is, he’s quite convincing, and when he kisses her the line between the lie and the truth becomes hazy in all the steam they create.

Honoria refuses to gamble with her heart. But Oscar has never played by the rules and he’s determined to win, no matter the cost.

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Oscar began to prowl the room, ensuring that his belongings were where he’d left them. Frowning, he slipped the book of poetry into the inner pocket of his coat and cast her an accusatory glance. “Find what you were looking for?”

“Where you’re concerned, I’m only interested in one thing.”

His brow arched rakishly and his gaze swiveled to the bed.

Honoria huffed. “I meant your untimely death.”

He clucked his tongue. “Not here to fulfill your promise of breaking your fast on me, then? Perhaps another time. Although, if you are planning to return under the cloak of darkness to do your evil deed, then I feel I should warn you.” He paused to shrug out of his coat. “I sleep in the nude.”

When he began to unbutton his waistcoat, she wondered if he intended to prove it to her right then and there. He seemed to be under the impression that all debutantes were missish creatures. Clearly, he hadn’t been paying attention when she’d explained that she’d spent a good deal of time disguised as a man to infiltrate their world. Hardly anything shocked her now.

Except for the fact that he didn’t remember their kiss.

“I highly doubt I’d encounter anything worth lighting a candle for,” she said, feeling the need to even the score.

And yet as he peeled off the waistcoat, she was unabashedly intrigued.