How to Forget a Duke

Book 1

May 29, 2018

Publisher: Avon

ISBN: 9780062685490

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The Bourne Matrimonial Agency has one rule: Never fall in love with the client. A simple thing to remember… unless you’re a matchmaker with amnesia.

The Duke of Rydstrom needs a wife. Preferably one with a large fortune and a complete lack of curiosity. The last thing he needs is a meddling matchmaker determined to dig up his dark, family secrets.

All Jacinda wants is to find a bride for a duke. How hard could that be? He’s handsome, enigmatic… and hiding something. She’s sure of it. Determined to discover what it is, she travels to his crumbling cliffside estate. Yet, by the time she washes up on his beach, she can no longer remember who she is, or why the duke is so familiar to her. All she knows is that his kisses are unforgettable—and she intends to use every skill she can to discover what’s in his heart . . .

When Miss Bourne can’t remember what brought her to his ancestral home, Rydstrom intends to keep it that way. Yet as the days pass, his true challenge will be safeguarding his secret while resisting this woman who—confound it all—may well be his perfect match.

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“Lorret sends up a rollicking historical romance... boosted by vivid characters and lively storytelling. A sparkling, witty romance that is both lighthearted and intense.” KIRKUS reviews

“clever, original... Lorret proves her skills... Jacinda’s constant mischief and Crispin’s reactions to her behavior add welcome humor to their slow-brewing romance, and their constant bickering is the perfect foreplay. Readers will hope for Lorret to develop a series from here.” Publisher's Weekly *Starred review*

“Got lost in HOW TO FORGET A DUKE... loving this story.” Lorraine Heath

"...the perfect blend of deep emotion, compelling characters and the sort of romance that goes straight to the reader's heart." Sophie Barnes

"... sparkles with wit and passion... A smart, fun charmer!” RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

“ elegantly written Regency historical that takes captivating characters, clever plotting, and copious amounts of sizzling sensuality and spins the whole thing into literary gold.” — Booklist (starred review) Booklist *Starred Review*

"Ms. Lorret’s novel has it all... HOW TO FORGET A DUKE has plenty of suspense, witty banter, and lots of heart. Simply divine!" Romance Junkies (5 stars)

"Wow! Just Wow! ... It was amazing... The buildup of chemistry between them was epic." Long and Short Reviews

"a sexy page-turner" Entertainment Weekly

"This book is absolutely positively thoroughly delightful!" Katharine Ashe, USA Today Bestselling author of The Prince: A Devil's Duke Novel

“This book is absolutely going on my top 10 of the year list.” Book Besties

“Full of laughter, passion and some characters that fairly leap off the page in their need to be understood and cheered on – this new series from Lorret is sure to please many this summer.” I Am, Indeed

"Their chemistry is explosive and undeniable." Forget the Housework, I'm Reading...

“With clever wit, heady sexuality, and lush description, Lorret’s title puts an enticing spin on the classic amnesia trop and launches a series (the author’s Avon print debut) in fine style.” Library Journal

"... this romance is just so fun that it made my day... How to Forget a Duke was so delicious... This was the read I needed to brighten up my week.” Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

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I think you’ve kissed me.

  ~   ~   ~

“I’m quite perceptive, remember? And perhaps it was the way you looked at my mouth just now and earlier, too, like you’d . . . sampled it before.” The temptress pressed her lips together. “Hmm. Is that the reason you glower at me? Because I’ve forgotten our kiss? Likely that is a deathblow to any man’s ego.”

And suddenly, there was a completely new type of mischief in her gaze. A feminine, sultry type that no conniving, spying debutante with amnesia ought to have.

He was burning up, his cravat itchy. He fought like hell not to pull the linen away from his throat and give away his discomfort. Likely, she would make more of the gesture than it was—which was merely a reaction to starch. Yet even as the excuse formed in his mind, not even he believed it.

“You have not wounded my ego in any way because the event you mentioned never occurred.”

Then the lips he’d never sampled spread in a guileless grin. “So you say, Rydstrom.”

He gritted his teeth, letting her have the last word as she sauntered past him. It was the safer thing to do. But damn it all if he wasn’t tempted to pull her against him and prove that there was no possible way she could ever forget his kiss.