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Aug 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me this week! <3 Releasing THIS EARL IS ON FIRE has been so much fun!

And after your wonderful suggestions, I have a huge list of enticing heroes to post on Facebook next week!

On the list:

Finding the perfect pics to post of each man listed above will be a difficult task, requiring hours and hours of ogling (and maybe some drooling)… but somehow I’ll persevere. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!


Warm wishes and happy reading,


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  1. Oh my what a task you have set for yourself or did we do that to you hahaha make sure you have either a lot of drool absorbent napkins or perhaps a large kidney bowl. There are some wonderful names on that list.


  2. I will look forward to the posts! 😉 Have a great week-end, Vivienne!


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