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Excerpt for The Rogue to Ruin

Mar 20, 2019

Happy Spring! To celebrate the welcome of warmer weather (at least, according to the calendar), I’m posting the book-flap excerpt for THE ROGUE TO RUIN. Enjoy! Warm wishes and happy reading, Viv “I hardly need your advice,” Ainsley scolded him in return, every word pushing her flesh against his. Almost...
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FIVE SEDUCTION TACTICS from Penelope Rutledge (Tempting Mr. Weatherstone)

Dec 5, 2014

Five Seduction Tactics from Penelope Rutledge   Always embroider a little something special into the handkerchiefs you give him for Christmas—Every. Single. Year. One day, he’s bound to notice. If your gentleman dislikes change in the slightest bit, then be sure to walk the same route each morning so that...
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