The Magic of Book Titles

Jun 1, 2015

I loved writing the Wallflower Wedding SeriesThe Rakes of Fallow Hall Series, and getting to know the characters and their families. It was difficult to say goodbye. However, beginning something fresh, new and completely unrelated to the previous books sparks excitement inside me.

I’m currently working on a proposal for a new series and I’m already obsessed with these characters and their stories. Unfortunately, this process isn’t foolproof. My first round of book titles flopped. My second round received a bland response (definitely not promising). And now my third attempt is trapped somewhere inside my head.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the perfect title just revealed itself? Landing on my windowsill in the claw of a carrier pigeon… Emerging in ghostly writing on the steamed-up bathroom mirror… Burned onto a piece of toast… Spelled out in tea leaves… Or even, hand delivered by Gerard Butler to my door… (not that I’ve given that idea any thought at all…) 🙂

The truth is, there is magic in the right book title. You always remember the really great ones: Perfect, by Judith McNaught; A Knight in Shining Armor, by Jude Devereaux; Devil in Winter, by Lisa Kleypas; On the Way to the Wedding, by Julia Quinn; A Kiss at Midnight, by Eloisa James… And the list goes on and on.

Great titles + great stories = magic. It’s as simple as that. Right?

Right now, I could use a bit of magic (and a visit from Gerard Butler). 😀

Until then, I’ll keep working on this proposal.

Warm wishes and happy reading!



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