1st Review for The Maddening Lord Montwood!

Jul 9, 2015

The Reading Wench posted a wonderful review of The Maddening Lord Montwood. It’s the first review of this book that I’ve seen and it made me so happy that my eyes leaked. 🙂

Here is a snippet:

“Vivienne writes a suspenseful story that has beautiful moments of tenderness, laughter, a hot love scene that will make you squirm in your chair and a beautiful love story.  I really loved this book and I think Vivienne is well on her way to being one of those writers that her books will become keepers that you will read over and over again.” ~ Jacquie Tobin, The Reading Wench <3

For the full, happy-tear-inducing review, visit The Reading Wench blog.

Warm wishes and happy reading!


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