After the Weekend Apocalypse

Sep 8, 2015

I am so glad it’s Tuesday!

Every year over the Labor Day weekend, my small town hosts one of the largest Midwestern festivals, the Blueberry Festival. Food trucks, craft-sellers, and carnival rides bring people from all over the U.S. Our population skyrockets from 25k to 200k. Our school system even closes for the Friday before Labor Day each year. And for those who live near the sprawling park, you are a virtual prisoner for four solid days.

I live near the park. Which essentially boils down to the fact that I typically do not have the freedom to run to Starbucks. For four solid days.

This year, however, I managed to brazen my way out onto the road, and drove the back way to my favorite beverage kingdom. And as a bonus, I still had a parking space when I made it home. Yes!

Not only that, but DH installed new windows in my writing cave. So now I’m ready to enjoy my new sound-dampened/ UV protected haven. <3

The tents in the park are coming down today and the neighborhood is quiet. It’s the perfect day for writing a new book. And… if I make my word count, I might treat myself to a grande chai with whip. 🙂

Wishing you the best week,


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