No-Gardening Garden

Sep 16, 2015

For years, I’ve been a proponent of the No-Gardening Garden Method. Simply put, this is a garden that appears without effort. In the spring, you just see what happens to pop up and flourish. It’s always a wonderful surprise.

You see, I’ve never been a good gardener when sweat, kneeling, and labor is involved. I don’t understand it, but whenever I try really hard to grow something—test soil pH, gauge water levels, fertilize, and weed—I end up killing everything. Every single plant.

However, if I happen to take the tomatoes or cucumbers that have gone wrinkly in the bottom of the veggie drawer, a sprouting potato, or even the remains of a Halloween jack o’lantern, and then toss them in the garden spot… something magic happens. Life finds a way.

In the harshest conditions.

Without testing the soil.

Somehow… I have a garden every single year.

This year, my favorite flower has become the pumpkin blossom.

Isn’t that big yellow blossom beautiful?

Then, of course, there’s the fruit that follows.

(Unfortunately, the pictures posted here were not taken from my garden. Because I’m posting this in the middle of the night, I had to Google-grab.)

This year, I’ve already picked five pumpkins and there are more growing in my no-gardening garden. I highly recommend it!

Warm wishes, happy reading, and happy no-gardening,


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