It’s GIVEAWAY time!

Dec 7, 2015

UPDATE: Congratulations to Michele and Teralyn–the winners from the blog and newsletter “All you need is tea, warm socks, and a frog” giveaway! 🙂



Everyone knows the old adage: all you need is tea, warm socks, and a frog.

After all, tea and warm socks relax and soothe away stresses. As for a frog… Well, maybe that wasn’t always included in the list. However, finding the right frog is an essential part of happily ever after.

It’s true!

Just ask Ivy, the heroine in “The Duke’s Christmas Wish,” my novella in ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE. She might even tell you that frogs can be rather romantic. But I’ll let you decide for yourself. 😉

That’s why I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY! I’m so excited about the upcoming paperback release of ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE that I’m going to send an advanced copy to one winner, along with an assortment of goodies.

frog contestThe prize pack includes a copy of ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE, a $15 Starbucks gift card, a pair of super cozy frog socks, chocolate, and a frog Christmas ornament.

To enter, just add a comment to this post, telling me about your favorite/wackiest Christmas ornament.

I’ll select one winner at random at the end of the day, Wednesday, December 9th.

Until then…

Warm wishes and happy reading,



  1. Dina S says:

    my favorite ornament is one made by my daughters when they were little <3

  2. Diana Tidlund says:

    older brother had MD growing up… I had epilepsy… we were close… when I was 9 he bought me a Hallmark Christmas ornament.. a porcelain doll ornament … I loved it… he made sure to buy me a new one yearly until 1987… he was hospitalized and dying…. my family and I took over after that and I now have 37 years of Hallmark ornaments that I have collected…. davids first one still stays on my bedside table all these years later where I can look at it and feel closer to him year round… when the tree goes up it goes on my tree.

  3. Debi Murray says:

    I remember making ornaments every year in art class at school. One year my brother made a Santa ornament that resembled Barney Rubble from the Flintstones. It just tickled ourselves silly! Every year, that ornament was placed front and center to remind us to laugh and it did just that.

  4. Kimia safavi says:

    My favorite ornaments are the Hallmark holiday Barbies.

  5. elizabeth mirabal says:

    My friend Judy gave me a Hallmark Christmas ornament with 2 friends on the ornament, that year was 1984 and it would hang on my tree every year as I a reminder of our lasting friendship. And last year my ornament broke. My sister though it was funny that I had this ornament for so long. That went Judy came to visit for the holiday she told her do you remember you gave my sister a ornament 30 years ago well is broke, I think you need buy her new ornament. We laugh about it. I’m still waiting for my ornament.

  6. Teralyn Coffee says:

    Well, I’m not sure how wacky you would call it, but it’s a ceramic photo frame with a picture of my sister, brother and myself in 1968 sitting in front of one of those wonderful 60s icons, the aluminum tree. 🙂

  7. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    When I was a young stay at home mom I was pretty crafty and made a snowman ornament out of a lightbulb. It is still one of my most favorite ornaments after all these years. Every year when I take it out of storage I am still happily surprised that it is not broken.

  8. Kate Sparks says:

    The stockings that have my dogs names on them… made for them by their groomer!

  9. Missie J says:

    I hate to say this but my ornaments are all normal. Nothing weird or whacky about them,unless u count popcorn strings when I was little…lol
    Thanks for a chance.

  10. Donna B says:

    My favorite is a sweet little Hallmark ornament from my older daughter’s first Christmas 37 years ago.

  11. Dee Foster says:

    My favorite ornaments are the ones we hang in memory of the pets we’ve lost. Unfortunately we had to add 2 this year.

  12. Debbie H says:

    My favorite ornament was made by my daughter when she was in school.

  13. kelley doyle says:

    My favorite ornaments are the ones my boys made when they were young.

  14. Michele Hayes says:

    My favorite Christmas ornaments are the three Baby’s First Christmas ornaments we bought for our three kids on their first Christmas.

  15. Joy I says:

    My favorite/unusual Christmas tree ornament is a green Gumby. For years, my boys wanted to hang him on the tree. He looked out of place but still a spot was reserved for him

  16. Quinn Fforde says:

    So many of our ornaments represent our children and our travels. It is hard to choose a favorite. If I had to pick one, it would be a handpainted eggshell with our last name written on it that we had made for us in Prague. That fragile thing has survived flights and moves and children.

  17. Julia says:

    When I was little I made an ornament with a pack of cigarrettes. My mom put it on her tree until last year! Lol, that’s true love.

  18. Teri says:

    We got married 30 years ago the day after Thanksgiving. I registered for Christmas items and received so many beautiful ornaments. I treasure them to this day!

  19. Jeanne Miro says:

    To be honest my husband and my favorite Christmas ornaments are the ones our grandchildren make us each year are our favorite gifts! One of the things we love so much is seeing how much their imaginations “grow” every year! Since their ages go from the youngest at 5 up to the oldest (who is much more serious) who is 16. Our oldest son has the 16 year old girl plus a 7 year old son and our younger son has two boys (5 and 8) as well as a girl who is 6. Our two younger grandsons have been the most “creative” and we always end up laughing when we open our gifts. The two girl even with the difference in their age are “true” girls and are into picking out their own clothes (some good choices the others not so much so). I think our younger granddaughter is trying to be as “grown-up” as her cousin!

  20. Sandie W says:

    For years I put up a snowman themed tree…one of my friends gave me a scary clown like snowman for my tree…nothing scarier than a clown!

  21. bn100 says:

    angel on the tree

  22. Dawn Watson says:

    Oh my to have the frog prince on my tree this Christmas would be lovely not to mention a good book to read!

    • Dawn Watson says:

      Oh and also my tree is as old as my parents if they were living in many ways well not the tree but I have an angel that has been tied to a tree trunk for 90 plus years and beads and bells that are at least 70 years old. My favorite I must say is my Mum’s angel who has seen better days but is tied to the tree each year anyways.

  23. Valerie Valicento says:

    I don’t have a tree, but I have a stuffed moose that plays “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.” It’s my favorite.

  24. Mel K. says:

    Happy Holidays, Vivienne! What a fantastic prize! I must say I do hope I win as I love holiday theme books and frogs. I’m so excited that ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE is coming out in paperback.
    My wackiest ornament is an ear of corn. 🙂

  25. Bube says:

    Present box ornament 🙂
    This books sounds fantastsic!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family 🙂
    Thank you for the amazing opportunity!