The stylish Christmas Eve Asteroid

Dec 29, 2015

Whew! We’re still here! The Christmas Eve asteroid missed us!

At the end of each year, I like to reflect on my blessings; the health of my family (we’re still here!), happy moments, taking stock of attained goals and making new ones for the future.

As for the end of 2015, I will always remember this year as the Christmas of the Scarves. I received six! One from a dear friend. One from my mother. And four (yes, four!) from my husband. Either my loved ones know that I am always cold, or they are telling me to cover up my neck.  (Though upon recent inspection, I’ve discovered that my neck is not hideous, after all.)

However, there could be another reason for the multitude of scarves. Do you see these radar images of the Christmas Eve asteroid? And do you see what resembles a “tail” behind her?

Christmas Eve Asteroid

Normally comets have tails, where as, asteroids do not. So then, what could this be?

Well, I think our Christmas Eve asteroid started a fashion craze by sporting a long flowing “scarf” as she zoomed past our beloved planet.

In the picture you can almost catch a glimpse of her, tossing a merry wave in our direction as she promises to visit in the future when she has more time.

And now, whenever I don one of my many scarves (or all of them at once, if the urge takes me), I will think of her little fly-by and the great blessings we have because she decided not to visit.

Wishing you all the best of this year and the next,



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