Two Weeks to Go!

Mar 29, 2016

THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE hits e-readers in 2 weeks!!! Only fourteen more days and then poof! –a pre-ordered book at your fingertips. 🙂

Now, we all know that patience is a virtue. But to be perfectly honest, I struggle with it from time to time.  So with that said, I’m posting an excerpt from THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE.

Lilah’s attention shifted to the commanding tone. As a coach and four ambled out of the way, she first noticed the chestnut Destrier. It towered over the bays and trotters on the street. Such a colossal horse was never seen in town. Hunting grounds, perhaps, but certainly not the teeming London streets. Was the rider prepared for battle? She nearly laughed at the thought. Then, tilting up her head, she wanted to see the man who would dare.

Yet when she did, something unexpected happened. She met his gaze. And, more important, he met hers.

Even in the shadow beneath the brim of his gray top hat, Lilah distinctly noted the uncanny brightness of his irises. His aquiline nose sloped down to a broad mouth that slowly arced upward at one corner. More smirk than smile. She tried to blink but couldn’t. Breathing proved equally difficult.

Then, he inclined his head, touching two fingers to that brim. The gesture was meant as an acknowledgement, she was sure. She’d seen gentlemen salute similarly to other young women but never to her. And that was when she realized her error.

Likely, from this distance, she was confusing the direction—or target, rather—of his gaze. Clearly, he was yet another man caught by her cousin’s beauty. She could not fault him for it. Even so, knowing it made her feel foolish for that single instant she’d thought otherwise.

Uncomfortable prickles of heat burned her cheeks. She couldn’t be certain, however, if it was from embarrassment or a keen sense of longing. All she knew was that a man such as he would never tip his hat to her, let alone call on her.

~THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE, available April 12, 2016

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