Sneak Peek into THIS EARL IS ON FIRE

Apr 24, 2016

Curious about THIS EARL IS ON FIRE?

Needing more of the Season’s Original series… and NOW?

Waiting and waiting for a back cover blurb to show up on e-retailer sites?

Well, wait no more, my friends…

THIS EARL IS ON FIRE, available August 2nd

The sheltered daughter of a country baron, Miss Adeline Pimm comes to London looking for adventure… and finds it in the form of a bloody, unconscious man slumped in the doorway of her family’s rented townhouse. Though his identity is a mystery, Adeline is inexplicably drawn to the handsome, injured man and vows to nurse him back to health.

Liam Cavanaugh, the scandalous Earl of Wolford, is startled when he awakens in an unfamiliar bed, wrapped in bandages that hinder his eyesight, with no memory of why he was beaten half to death. Although he can’t see the witty young woman who tends to his wounds, her alluring voice—and a single stolen kiss from her soft lips—help soothe his pain. But when he is fully healed, Liam is not ready to let go of the one woman who stirs his deepest longings.

Liam will do whatever it takes to see Adeline again, even if it means giving up his rakish ways. But his disreputable past is not so easily forgotten and his secrets are far more dangerous than he—or Adeline—ever imagined.


  1. Teri Donaldson says:

    I’m almost done with The Debutante is Mine. It’s wonderful! Can’t wait for this one!!