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Will the real Delaney please step forward…

Aug 30, 2016

My Starbucks hired a new barista named Delaney. Secretly, I wanted her to write her own name on my cup. But then I would have had to order another tea for myself, then explain that I was bringing the first one home for a fictional character and… that might have...
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Off to a Great Start

Aug 22, 2016

THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE has been having a stellar 99-cent-sale. Thank you to everyone who chose to give Jack and Lilah a chance! <3  And in other news… I’m working hard on a new proposal, friends! So exciting! Post-its are all over my house, crammed with illegible scribbles in black and...
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Aug 19, 2016

THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE is a BookBub deal (and a steal at only 99 cents) this week! It’s the perfect time to read the first book in The Season’s Original Series! For more great deals, follow my author page on BookBub.

THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE only 99 cents!

Aug 15, 2016

I’m thrilled to announce that (for a limited time) THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE is only 99 cents at most e-retailers! Lilah Appleton’s prospects are looking dim. With one last chance to find a titled husband before she’s forced to wed her wretched cousin, she must make this Season count. Plain,...
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Let the “hero inspiration” games begin!

Aug 8, 2016

Thanks again to everyone who posted the names for potential heroes during last week’s contest! Searching and sifting through all those delicious images definitely started turning the wheels of inspiration for new books. <3 This week, I’ll be showcasing those “heroes” on my Facebook page. Not only that, but the Tasty Book...
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Thank You

Aug 5, 2016

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me this week! <3 Releasing THIS EARL IS ON FIRE has been so much fun! And after your wonderful suggestions, I have a huge list of enticing heroes to post on Facebook next week! On the list: Alex O’Loughlin Josh Bowman Gerard Butler (of...
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Aug 4, 2016

UPDATE: Congratulations to Connie for winning this giveaway!!!   In celebrating the release of THIS EARL IS ON FIRE, I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY for one $25 Amazon gift card!!!     But since there can only be one winner*, I wanted this to be fun for everyone. So, TO ENTER, post...
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THIS EARL IS ON FIRE – on sale today!!!

Aug 2, 2016

THIS EARL IS ON FIRE is on sale today! I’m so excited to share Liam and Adeline’s story with you! Thank you to all of you who have supported me from the beginning, and thank you to those of you who are just dropping by to see what all the hubbub...
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