Oct 28, 2018

**UPDATE** Congratulations to Luz for winning the Mug Giveaway! And thank you to everyone for sharing my excitement over TEN KISSES TO SCANDAL! <3

It’s a lovely morning in my corner of the world. Rain is making music on bright autumn leaves and the sky is a blanket of soft dove gray. In other words, it’s the perfect day for a giveaway!

Up for grabs is: a goody bag filled with a “warm wishes and happy reading” mug; a hot chocolate on a spoon (from a specialty chocolate shop near me); gourmet marshmallows; and a signed, sneak preview booklet of TEN KISSES TO SCANDAL.

The winner will get the chance to read the first three chapters of TEN KISSES TO SCANDAL before it comes out on December 24th, while sipping hot chocolate and lounging in her or his favorite chair. Sound good?

To enter: comment in the thread beneath this GIVEAWAY post and let me know, on a scale of one to TEN *cough* how excited you are for the release of TEN KISSES TO SCANDAL on December 24th.

It’s that simple. 🙂



I’ll choose one winner next Saturday, November 3rd. Best of luck!

Warm wishes and happy reading,


  1. Anna Lennerton says:

    My Mug

  2. Lori Byrd says:

    It would have to be a 10! Thank you so much.

  3. Darla c says:

    Congrats on ten!

  4. Carol Bisig says:

    Hi Vivienne,
    I am sincerely excited on the scale about 20; I will comply with the rules; and say ten! I feel like I have waited for a year for this book to be released! I am genuinely thrilled it is about to launch, finally!
    Have A Joyful Day,
    Carol Bisig

  5. Janette C Gryniewicz says:

    TEN! I’ve loved everything I’ve read of yours, and this will be a fantastic Christmas present!

  6. Connie Fischer says:

    Absolutely it’s a TEN! I am looking forward to reading and reviewing TEN KISSES TO SCANDAL. The plot sounds outstanding!

    Thanks for your generosity to your readers.

  7. Audrey Stewart says:

    I’m at a ten for excitement of the new release of Ten Kisses to Scandal.

  8. Kim Pridgeon says:

    It’s a ten for sure! I can’t wait for this book!!!

  9. Mitzi Knight says:

    I’m going to say an 11 for how excited I am. I really can’t wait, I think I’m going to have to reread “How to Forget a Duke” right before it comes out!!

  10. Molly Laird says:

    It’s a 10 for sure. I can’t wait.

  11. Elaine Bosserman says:

    Hi! I am very excited for your new release! 10 all the way! Love your books – keep them coming please!! ❤

  12. Joye says:

    I have read some of your other books and really enjoyed them. I am looking forward to reading this one. Definitely a 10

  13. Melinda says:

    Definitely a TEN!!! Can’t wait! And I love your covers <3

  14. Kisa says:

    Absolutely a 10!^^

  15. Joana Varela says:

    In a scale of 1 out of 10, definitely 10!!!!! Can’t wait to read it!

  16. Glecia says:

    Can’t wait to read it

  17. Tiffany Smith says:

    10. I’m so excited for it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Penney Wilfort says:

    (10) This sounds good I’m looking forward to reading this. love the cover

  19. Caiti says:

    Big fat 10!!! Thanks for the chance.

  20. Linda Romer says:

    I would say 10! Very excited, thanks for the chance Viv!

  21. Charlotte says:

    Absolutely 10. Always 10 for a Vivienne Lorret release!

  22. April West says:

    Loved you back when, Love you now! Hugs!

  23. Lore Apted says:

    I would choose a 10 because any time a new book of yours comes out I’m very excited to read it!! Reading is my favorite hobby and your books are the cherry on the sundae!

  24. Tina B. says:

    Very excited! Definitely a 10!

  25. karen slaughter says:

    you must be bo derek twin, a 10 in the book department

  26. Sheryl N says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out. I’d have to say a “10”. Thanks for such a great giveaway

  27. AmyH says:

    Definitely a ten! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Karlene says:

    Definitely a ten! Fun opportunity.

  29. Diane F Clor says:

    As someone who loved “How To Forget A Duke” (Book 1 of Misadventures in Matchmaking (have the book!) I have had “Ten Kisses To Scandal” (Book 2)in my Wishlist on Amazon since it first got put up way back so BIG +10 for me on looking forward to this coming out!!! (Fingers, toes, and hairs in nose crossed!) 🙂

  30. Heather Northover says:

    Hi Vivienne
    Thanks very much for the opportunity I would say I’m at 10 or even 11 that’s how excited I am. I really really like your books.
    Cheers heather

  31. Heather Northover says:

    Hi Vivienne
    Thanks very much for the opportunity I would say I’m at 10 or even 11 that’s how excited I am. I really really like your books.
    Cheers heather

  32. Lori Dykes says:

    Hey Vivienne! Love your stories! Would definately rate 10+++++ You have the most beautiful covers! They always catch my eye even before I read the book!!

  33. Kelly Moore says:

    I really enjoyed Crispin and Jacinda’s story in How to Forget a Duke, so I’d have to rate my excitement level for book 2 at a 10 🙂

  34. Maria says:

    I love your books i would rate you at 15 when i read one of your books i can never put it down

  35. Gail says:

    it is a 10. I have all your book series and I won’t miss out on ” 10 Kisses” even if I don’t win your contest…