4 days to go!

May 20, 2022

It’s the Friday before HOW TO STEAL A SCOUNDREL’S HEART comes out and I feel like celebrating with an excerpt! Wishing everyone a happy Friday! 🥳


The instant their bodies fell into seamless alignment, she emitted a startled gasp. “I . . . I’ve been told that I’m rather wooden.”

“Not every fire is quick to ignite. Some need to be coaxed.”

Lifting her hands to drape around his neck, Leo felt the enticing weight of her high, firm breasts. The gradual yield of her soft curves and slender valleys as he pulled her closer into the shelter of his embrace, his legs bracketing hers.

His breath left him in a rush. Holy hell, but she felt good. Better than he’d imagined.

“And that I’m cold and unresponsive, as well.”

She may have been stiff and uncertain at first. He expected no less from someone so proud. But now she was unfolding slowly for him, her hands tentatively gliding over his broad shoulders.

His lips coasted over her brow and temple, her heart thundering against his own. Unresponsive? Hardly. “We must suffer fools gladly.”

“I’ve never understood that phrase. Why should we be glad to suffer at all, but especially fools?” she asked distractedly as her delicate fingertips shyly skimmed higher above his cravat, teasing the short layers of hair at his nape.

He closed his eyes on the pleasure of her touch, his nose skirting along the length of hers. “Because we know what they cannot fathom.”

“And that is . . . ?”

“This, my lovely moonflower,” he said and finally—finally—eased his mouth over hers.

~ ❤ ~
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