Daring Miss Danvers sale alert

Mar 26, 2018

Great news! DARING MISS DANVERS (my first book with Avon Impulse) is on sale for only $0.99! Now is your chance to fall in love with Emma and Oliver, all over again (or even for the first time). <3









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Warm wishes and happy reading,


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A Starred Review from Publisher’s Weekly!

Mar 19, 2018

I have such wonderful news! HOW TO FORGET A DUKE has earned a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly! I’m so happy and excited, and feeling so blessed that I don’t know what to do with myself. Well… other than drive to Starbucks to celebrate! 😉

I can’t wait to share HOW TO FORGET A DUKE with you!

From Publisher’s Weekly:

 How to Forget a Duke

Vivienne Lorret. Avon, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-06-268548-3
In this clever, original standalone Regency set in the Whitcrest area of Sussex, the methodic Crispin Montague, fifth Duke of Rydstrom, meets his match in Jacinda Bourne, an impertinent, unapologetic busybody and part owner of the Bourne Matrimonial Agency. Crispin enlists the agency’s service in finding a wealthy bride who will ask little of her husband. An incomplete application and a suspicious letter lead the naturally inquisitive Jacinda to believe Crispin is hiding something; when she’s plagued with a bout of amnesia while trying to uncover his secrets, he feels obligated to take care of her. Jacinda charms everyone from the staff to the villagers to Sybil, Crispin’s mute young sister. Crispin’s need for funds to save his crumbling estate falls victim to his growing desire for the financially strapped Jacinda, whose agency’s only rule is “never to fall in love with the client.” Lorret proves her skills by making Jacinda’s character plain to readers even though she doesn’t always understand herself. Jacinda’s constant mischief and Crispin’s reactions to her behavior add welcome humor to their slow-brewing romance, and their constant bickering is the perfect foreplay. Readers will hope for Lorret to develop a series from here.
HOW TO FORGET A DUKE, available May 29, 2018

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A chance to win a galley copy of HOW TO FORGET A DUKE!

Mar 14, 2018

Are you an Avon Romance newsletter subscriber? Right now, the amazing team at Avon is offering a chance to win a galley copy of HOW TO FORGET A DUKE! How cool is that?

Just follow the link to enter: https://a.pgtb.me/q35FPW













HOW TO FORGET A DUKE (available May 29, 2018)

Pre-order available now:







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Beginning book #3

Mar 6, 2018

The Prodigal Post-its have returned! After organizing my desk, I found three wayward packs. Yay!
Seeing them in a tidy little stack, I have the illusion that everything is under control. That I won’t fill half a page with random story facts, then fill the other with a grocery list. Or that I won’t scrawl the “most crucial story fact EVER” up the sides (not realizing until later that it’s illegible). Yup. This time it will be different.
Welcome back into the fold, little ones. We have a new story to write.



Feb 28, 2018

I’ve done it! I finally finished (and submitted) TEN KISSES TO SCANDAL! This cold did not stop me. The clogged pipes in the house did not stop me (note to self: call the plumber asap). Not even the town flood of 2018 could stop me! Nope. I. Am. A. Force. 😉

And now to clean up my desk. Book #3 in the Misadventures in Matchmaking series awaits…


Warm wishes and happy reading,



It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s January flying by…

Jan 28, 2018

Where did this month go?

Admittedly, early on when the temperatures were below 0, I thought the month would never end.Then poof! it just disappeared. It’s true what they say, I guess, time flies when you’re having fun.  And January has flown by while I’ve been writing TEN KISSES TO SCANDAL (book #2 of the Misadventures in Matchmaking series), and editing the galley for HOW TO FORGET A DUKE (book #1, available for pre-order now, in print May, 29, 2018).

The best part is that I can share my excitement with each of you. So I’m posting this sneak peek inside the cover of HOW TO FORGET A DUKE (more snippets to come).


Warm wishes and happy reading,


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Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2017

My wishes for you in the new year:











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Merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2017

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Dec 4, 2017

I’m so excited to share the first sneak peek into Jacinda and Crispin’s story!

Warm wishes and happy reading,



HOW TO FORGET A DUKE (available 5/29/18)

“I’m quite perceptive, remember? And perhaps it was the way you looked at my mouth just now and earlier, too, like you’d . . . sampled it before.” The temptress pressed her lips together. “Hmm. Is that the reason you glower at me? Because I’ve forgotten our kiss? Likely that is a deathblow to any man’s ego.”

And suddenly, there was a completely new type of mischief in her gaze. A feminine, sultry type that no conniving, spying debutante with amnesia ought to have.

He was burning up, his cravat itchy. He fought like hell not to pull the linen away from his throat and give away his discomfort. Likely, she would make more of the gesture than it was—which was merely a reaction to starch. Yet even as the excuse formed in his mind, not even he believed it.

“You have not wounded my ego in any way because the event you mentioned never occurred.”

Then the lips he’d never sampled spread in a guileless grin. “So you say, Rydstrom.”

He gritted his teeth, letting her have the last word as she sauntered past him. It was the safer thing to do. But damn it all if he wasn’t tempted to pull her against him and prove that there was no possible way she could ever forget his kiss.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2017

My Thanksgiving wish for you:

May your heart be as satisfied as your appetite, and may your life be filled with the warmth of family and friends. 


Warm wishes and happy reading, 


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