Catching up

Nov 5, 2015


After turning in THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE (book #1 of a new series!!) to my amazing editor on Monday, this week is all about catching up for me. I have so many things I’ve been putting off for too long, like: cleaning my desk, taking my car in for an oil change, scheduling a cleaning appointment with the dentist… You know, all the things that are so much fun. 😉

Then there are things that I can’t wait to dive into: character sketches for the next book, beginning the next book (THIS EARL IS ON FIRE), setting up contests for the Christmas anthology, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE, etc…

I’m gathering goodies for prize packages for a Facebook giveaway in early December after the anthology is released, too. I’m so excited about this Facebook party we’re going to have! It’s going to be like a friendly snowball fight between authors, with questions relating to the novellas in the Christmas anthology. Everyone will be giving away prizes of their own. Goodies Galore!!!

I’ll post more on this in the coming weeks. Until then…

Warm wishes and happy reading,


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