No Knight in Shining Armor Required

Jun 28, 2016

So I woke to a computer issue that stopped my heart. My desktop was blank.

I tried right-clicking for a menu. Nothing. Searching the taskbar. Nothing. Restarting. Nothing. Pinky just stared back at me, completely mute.


Researching the issue (aka frantically searching my phone while chanting “this can’t be happening”), I found several not very helpful sites and videos (which all involved right-clicking for a menu).


Frustrated, I contemplated rushing Pinky to a computer guy. Yet even through Pinky’s silence, I could hear her gasp at the idea of being manhandled (or even guy-handled) by a stranger. She is like a southern belle, with beauty, grace, and sweetness on the outside, but tough-as-nails on the inside. And she simply wouldn’t stand for some rough and tumble man clicking all over her desktop, and awkwardly fumbling with her underthings.


So I tried again, searching Google for a fix. And lo and behold, I found the right thread! Apparently, an update changed my computer to “tablet mode.” *grrr*  Once I disabled that (with an embarrassingly simply click on the only thing I hadn’t clicked before), Pinky was back in all her glory.


We both breathed a sigh of relief.


And now before Pinky and I go to work, it’s time for a soothing cup of tea…

no knight in shining armor

Sending warm wishes to you and to the thread-posters who help us keep our sanity…



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