Ellery’s story is finished!

Apr 3, 2017

JUST ANOTHER VISCOUNT IN LOVE is officially on my editor’s desk! Yay!!!

I’m so excited and feel blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to write Ellery’s story. And it’s all because of you–the fans who wanted him to have a happily ever after. Thank you! <3

In this story, Viscount Ellery is still on his quest for a bride. Dubbed the toast of the ton, Sam should have no trouble finding a bride, right? Yet his cautious nature has not served him well so far.

After failing during the London Season, he is determined to host a party and choose a wife from one of his guests. Then a fateful encounter scatters his careful plans.

(Enter our unlikely heroine):

Gemma Desmond needs a new name. Her father’s evil deeds have tarnished the one she has, making her an outcast from polite society. The problem is, the only way to escape the stigma of a sullied surname is to marry. Because of her reputation, however, no decent man will have her.

Unfortunately for Gemma, Sam is a good, decent man, and it is far too easy to fall in love with him. Yet when a pair of conniving debutantes plot a terrible scheme against her, it proves that she will always be tainted by her father’s misdeeds. And that’s the last thing she would ever want for Sam.

She isn’t sure which will be the hardest thing she’ll ever do—letting him go, or choosing to stay.

JUST ANOTHER VISCOUNT IN LOVE will be available on August 1st.


Warm wishes and happy reading,



  1. Janet says:

    YAY! Congrats! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to read Eller’s story. I LOVE all of your books, they are such an amazing adventure and I just can’t put the books down. I’ll read long into the night! Can’t wait to see the cover, too! Happy Writing! 🙂

  2. Janice Laird says:

    Ellery has a given name! This will be read as I sit outside on my deck with a tall, cold iced tea… 🙂

  3. Teri Donaldson says:

    Can’t wait. It sounds wonderful. Your covers are always so beautiful. When do we get to see it?

    • Vivienne Lorret says:

      Thank you, Teri! The Avon Art Department is full of cover magicians, don’t you think? As for when we see the cover… We’re in the same boat. They started working on it a week ago, so I’m just as eager to see it as you are. <3