Beginning book #3

Mar 6, 2018

The Prodigal Post-its have returned! After organizing my desk, I found three wayward packs. Yay!
Seeing them in a tidy little stack, I have the illusion that everything is under control. That I won’t fill half a page with random story facts, then fill the other with a grocery list. Or that I won’t scrawl the “most crucial story fact EVER” up the sides (not realizing until later that it’s illegible). Yup. This time it will be different.
Welcome back into the fold, little ones. We have a new story to write.


  1. Carol Bisig says:

    Hi Vivienne,
    Considering I am one of you biggest fans, anytime you come out with a new book, is great news to me! I just started my blog, I read, bought, and Reviewed over 1400 books last year. I am reading some from Netgalley,at the moment,also one Beta Read for an Author, who for some reason likes me, even after three years. I have two Arc’s to finished, however, I would be so honored to read yours, and have you do a Q & A session with me.
    Have A Joyful Day!
    Carol Bisig

    • Vivienne Lorret says:

      Carol, that is wonderful news. Congratulations on starting your blog! I would be happy to do a Q & A session at some point with you.

      Warm wishes and happy reading,