Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s vampirism.

Sep 21, 2019

I recently attended a *cough* 30th reunion. And it was great seeing so many familiar faces and chatting.

A former classmate of mine offered the obligatory “you haven’t changed since high school.”

I smiled graciously.

Then he tilted his head and, with furrowed scrutiny, said, “No. You REALLY haven’t changed since high school. It’s almost like you’re a vampire.”

We both exchanged nervous laughs. I’m thinking this might be the sweetest compliment/accusation I’ve ever heard.

Until I remembered what I looked like in high school.

Teenage me in 3 words: complete walking disaster.

If I were a vampire, I’d be the most awkward, near-sighted immortal to ever roam the earth.



  1. Annette N says:

    My Dear,

    If I were allowed to go back to a time when I felt I was at the top of my game, high school would not even be on the list. For me it was about 30…and looking back that is really pitiful.

    Your former classmate was either clueless or he had a secret crush on you in high school and lived in fear of you learning about it. Why don’t we go with he had a secret crush?

    • Vivienne Lorret says:


      You are very sweet. Unfortunately, I was never the kind of girl who inspired crushes (then or now). As for feeling like I’m ‘at the top of my game’… I’m still waiting. 😉

      I think we’re both due for a stellar 2020.

      Warm wishes and happy reading,