Celebrating On Sale Day!

Jun 10, 2014

Today, I’m celebrating the release of WINNING MISS WAKEFIELD!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I absolutely loved writing this book. So it’s a true pleasure to have the chance to share it with you. <3

On top of that, I’ve just finished crocheting a special Wallflower Wedding Cozy to add to the goody-bag for the contest I’ll be hosting in a couple of weeks. 😀



Jun 9, 2014

I am SO EXCITED about the release of Winning Miss Wakefield!!! Writing Bane and Merribeth’s story was fun from the first page to the very last. And even then I didn’t want it to end. <3

Excerpt from Winning Miss Wakefield ~ book #2 of The Wallflower Wedding Series:

He had been thoroughly distracted by Miss No Name, Miss Sign of Venus, as she ran her fingers through his hair. It felt heavenly. Wondrous. Divine. How long had it been since a woman had simply stroked his hair? Though he’d never admit it if asked, this was one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Closing his eyes, he’d trusted this stranger more than he had anyone in years, and he couldn’t put reason behind it, only the instinctive sense he’d come to rely upon. He was good at figuring people out, which was why he preferred the company of horses.

Then, a shadow had crossed over his face, accompanied by a hushed rustle of silk. Drowsily, he opened his eyes to see her gazing down at him. Her soft fingertips petted the shorter hair at his temples and followed the line of his whiskers to the lobes of his ears.

He’d opened his mouth to tell her that he’d willingly pay her five hundred pounds per annum if she’d never stop, but she shushed him with a shake of her head.

“Don’t say a word . . . please,” she’d whispered, leaning closer. “I only mean to borrow this for a moment and return it directly.”

Then she’d lowered her mouth to his.

Book trailer!

Jun 2, 2014

I used to think I was clever. Years ago, I designed my own website from the code up. Now, however, I realize that computer language is much like any other kind of language–if you don’t use it, you lose it.

I don’t know who first said those profound words, but they are true. My programming days are behind me now, much like my high school Spanish. I know just enough to be polite, smile, and surreptitiously plot my escape before I do any real damage.

Daring Miss Danvers book trailer

Today, by way of a miracle (2 more of these and I can be declared a saint), I made a book trailer for Daring Miss Danvers. It’s short, only 35 seconds–because my patience was wearing as thin as the heels of my favorite socks. But at last it’s done! And I’m only too happy to share this monumental achievement with you. 😀

Upcoming contest

May 30, 2014

Hello fellow romance lovers!

I set up this blog for the purpose of keeping each of you in the loop on blog tour dates, new books, and contests.

Currently Avon Impulse is running a contest for an ebook copy of DARING MISS DANVERS and WINNING MISS WAKEFIELD! Check out my Tasty Book Blog Tour for your chance to enter.

And speaking of contests… I have an autographed copy of FIVE GOLDEN RINGS and DARING MISS DANVERS, along with some other goodies set aside for a very special announcement. Check out my Facebook page for more details in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!