While I was away…

Mar 28, 2015

This week has been HUGE: THE ELUSIVE LORD EVERHART came out on Tuesday, the Tasty Book Tour came to an end, and I have a new website! And all this happened while I was away. The internet is a wonderful thing. You can take your office anywhere. 🙂

My family flew to Arizona for Spring Break. We hiked, toured the Grand Canyon, and drove through the Sedona Mountains. It was an amazing place to visit, and the warm temperatures were divine. And then… we flew home to a flurry of lake effect snow and 19 degrees.  Brrrr!!! However, cold or not, it’s always good to come home.  <3


Grand Canyon_boys


New Website!

Mar 27, 2015

If you are reading this post, then you’re seeing my new website. 🙂

I absolutely love the new look: the sage and the purple, the pop of color in the flowers, the book, and (of course) the tea!

I give the credit to Emily at Swank Web Design. She does amazing work, don’t you think?




Mar 26, 2015

THE ELUSIVE LORD EVERHART is out!!! I’m so excited! This has been an amazing week and I’m thankful for each and every one of you for all your support. I feel blessed.

Check here or on my Facebook page next week for a little giveaway I’m having to celebrate and to express my gratitude. <3

Until then…

Happy reading!


New Covers!!!

Jan 28, 2015

The first two covers for THE RAKES OF FALLOW HALL SERIES are stunning!!! I absolutely adore the Avon art department! And I feel incredibly blessed by the amazing team of people who work with me. LOVE, love, love them!


Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 2015

I bid a fond farewell to an amazing 2014–the year THE WALLFLOWER WEDDING SERIES came out, the year I hit the USA TODAY Bestseller’s List, the year I signed a contract for another Regency Era series with Avon Impulse, and the year I met my agent. 2014 has been very good to me and I’ve been blessed in so many ways. <3

Yet, I’m so excited about 2015, too!!! THE RAKES OF FALLOW HALL SERIES will be coming out soon!!! I’m currently in stages of either writing or editing . As I work on them, each book becomes my new favorite, each hero becomes my new obsession. What can I say? I love rakes. 😀 I hope you will, too.

The Avon art department is full of incredibly talented people. Proof of this is the cover for THE ELUSIVE LORD EVERHART. They’ve really outdone themselves this time. What do you think?

Wishing you a year full of joy, love, and great books!


FIVE SEDUCTION TACTICS from Penelope Rutledge (Tempting Mr. Weatherstone)

Dec 5, 2014

Five Seduction Tactics from Penelope Rutledge


  • Always embroider a little something special into the handkerchiefs you give him for Christmas—Every. Single. Year. One day, he’s bound to notice.
  • If your gentleman dislikes change in the slightest bit, then be sure to walk the same route each morning so that you can accidentally cross paths with him—every morning. Again, he’s bound to notice. Eventually.
  • If he prefers orange marmalade with his scones—and nothing else—then make it a point to add a dollop of clotted cream to the marmalade. Stir it thoroughly in front of him. This is sure to gain his rapt attention.
  •  Always remember—a woman holds a great deal of power in arriving late to dinner and in forgetting her fichu.
  • Pretend you’ve never given a thought to dancing with him—not once in all the excruciatingly lonely years of your friendship. Even the most controlled gentleman sees this as a challenge. His more primitive response could surprise you.


Aug 5, 2014

I’m so excited that the 3rd book in the Wallflower Wedding Series is out today! To celebrate, I’m hosting a giveaway on my Facebook page today thru Thursday 8/7/14. One winner will be announced on Friday. 😀

Also, FINDING MISS McFARLAND is on tour this month with Tasty Books Blog Tour. Follow the links to check out reviews, interviews, and enter a contest sponsored by Avon Impulse for a free digital copy of both DARING MISS DANVERS and WINNING MISS WAKEFIELD.

Tour Schedule

Aug 4th- Girl Meets Books– GP/Exc
(Stop 2) Imagine a World– Rev/Exc
Aug 5th- Sleepless Romantics-Rev
(Stop 2) 3 Partners in Shopping– Promo
Aug 6th- Crystal Blogs Books– GP/P
Aug 7th- Buried Under Romance– Exc/P
(Stop 2) Booknerd– Rev/P
Aug 8th- Book Reviews and More by Kathy– Int/P
(Stop 2) A Blue Stocking’s Place– P/Exc

Aug 11th- What I’m Reading– Rev/P
(Stop 2) Book Liaison- P/Exc
Aug 12th- Books Like Breathing– Rev/P
(Stop 2) Book Suburbia– Promo
(Stop 3) Written Love– Exc/P
Aug 13th- Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance– Exc/P
(Stop 2) Deal Sharing Aunt– P/Int
(Stop 3) I am, Indeed– Rev/Exc
Aug 14th- Kinky Vanilla Romance– Int/P
(Stop 2) Harlequin Junkie– Int/P
(Stop 3) Queen of the Night Reviews– Rev/P
Aug 15th- Romancing the Readers– Exc/P
(Stop 2) Ramblings From This Chick– GP/P

Aug 18th- The Lusty Literate– P/Exc
(Stop 2) Christine’s Words– Gp/P
Aug 19th- Brit Nanny Reads– Rev/P

Aug 20th- Rookie Romance– Exc/P
(Stop 2) Urban Girl Reader– Rev/P/Exc
(Stop 3) Insert Clever Quip Here– P/Exc
Aug 21st- I Heart Romance– Rev/P
(Stop 2) Paranormal Romance and Beyond– Promo
Aug 22nd- Manga Maniac Cafe– GP/P
(Stop 2) Red Pump Romance Reviews- Rev/P

Getting Geared Up for RWA

Jul 15, 2014

This year, I’ll be attending my first RWA National Conference. I’ll also be flying to Texas for the first time. To say that I’m nervous would be putting it mildly. I’m at defcon 4 on the nervous scale.

My youngest, bless his heart, tries to give me pep talks. “Don’t worry. Just teach yourself how not to be an introvert.”

“It doesn’t work on a switch,” I tell him. He laughs before heading out the door to hang out with his friends. Click “on” for life-of-the-party. Click “off” for curling-up-in-a-dark-cave.

Nervousness aside, I’m excited, too. This is THE conference, after all. I’ve been wanting to attend for years and years. This time, I’m going to make it happen. I anticipate numerous fangirl moments where I’ll simply stare at my favorite authors without trusting myself to say a word for fear of uncorking the random flow of trivia that tends to runneth over when I’m nervous. Example: when I met Tessa Dare, I spoke to her for 5 minutes about the differences between left handed people and right handed people.

So, yeah, it’ll be better if I just smile and not say a word. Wish me luck!





We have a winner!

Jul 3, 2014

Super CONGRATULATIONS to Ada for winning the Wallflower Wedding goodies!

Hosting this contest was so much fun, that I’m going to host another for the release of FINDING MISS McFARLAND next month. Be sure to drop by or check out my Facebook page for details.

Thanks to everyone who left all the wonderful comments!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!